A brief history of triathlon

The first classic Ironman length was generated only in 1977 in Hawaii at the award ceremony of the team contest of runners. Among athletes in contest were numerous representatives of running and swimming teams. There was a discussion between them regarding which athletes are more endurance – runners or swimmers. One of the athletes stated that the highest recorded value of “maximum oxygen consumption” was the highest (VO2 Max) in the Belgian cyclist, so cyclists are the most physically strong and resilient. The only logical way to resolve the dispute was to get athletes to compete in a race that included all 3 sports: swimming, running, and cycling.

This organized contention that brought together 3 existing races: Waikiki Roughwater Swim (3,862 km), Around-u Bike Race (180 km) and the Honolulu Marathon (42,195 km). In honor of one of local runners, who was known for his grueling training, decided to name the first finisher – Ironman (Iron Man). On the morning of February 18, 1978, 15 men took part in contention. Only 12 finished relay .
And following year, one woman, Lynn Lumer from Boston, took part in 2 starts of Ironman. She finished fifth in the overall standings and became first Iron Woman in relay history. Hawaii Ironman Triathlon is now world championship in classic distance triathlon, which is selected in a number of competitions held around planet throughout year and is also called Ironman Triathlon.

What is triathlon?

By definition, triathlon is a single relay made up of swimming, cycling and running – always performed in this sequence . Why such a sequence ? Swimming is most risky part, so it is best to swim when athlete is in his best condition. Further, when comparing risks of injury during cycling and running, aftermaths of accidents with exhaustion are lowest during running, this event is usually last.
The main variable in triathlon is the distance of each component. There are 4 principal events in calendar tournament. They are held every year; the only thing that changes is the venue of the competition. Races on bicycles can be carried out both on asphalt roads and on special routes. Swimming can take place in lakes, seas and oceans or in swimming pools

You may become a triathlete in a month !

If you can swim and train regularly, you can prepare for triathlons! Humans who are in good physical shape can become a triathlete in 3 weeks. If you do not do any sports and are not very physically fit, you have to spend several months getting fit – 3 days per week.
If you are in good physical shape, but still do not know how to swim or swim poorly, you should take a few swimming lessons or enroll in a local swimming club to get some technical level ahead of trying triathlon.

Make a workout scheme

When you are in good physical shape, you need to make a workout plan to prepare for flight. To do this, it is best to contact a triathlon sports club, which employs experienced coaches who can help you plan your training sessions, as well as control the entire training process.
For starters, a weekly workout plan that includes two swims, two jogs, and a bike ride is best. Six times a week training, and one day off. It’s quite real!

This scheme will allow you to prepare for sprint triathlon in 6 weeks without overloading. Of course, there will be days when you will not be able to train – then you must practice such practice on another day, but not on weekend!
Purpose of workout scheme is to increase perseverance while swimming, cycling and running. Before contentions , it is useful to train 2 in 1, such as cycling / running or swimming / cycling. Difficult part of triathlon is transitioning from cycling to running, many triathletes concentrate on particular type of workout . You need to understand how body will feel after a long length marathon.
Open water swimming practice will also be very useful before the start. What you will feel floating in dark water without marks and separate stripes. It is very important to be able to navigate the open water and swim in the chosen direction. But do not swim in open water by yourself.

What to do on triathlon contention

Arrive at starting point in advance. Keep in mind that you will need time to find a parking space. You must arrive at least 1 hour before beginning of triathlon competition. Have breakfast. Try eating carbohydrate foods, such as oatmeal, at least 4 hours before the competition. However, do not experiment and do not try something new. Eat everything you eat during your training days.
Transit zone. Donate your bicycle and necessary equipment to transit area. They will also write your number with a marker on your hands and feet. The bike rack number will have this number.

Finally, before leaving the transit area, inspect it and make sure that you have arranged everything and forgotten nothing.
Don’t miss the briefing before the start. Although attending briefings a few minutes before the competition is optional, we recommend that you follow all instructions and guidelines. Also, there you will learn whether you can use a wetsuit.
Focus and don’t miss the call to start. When the race begins, take a deep breath. Panic attacks while doin it in open water are not uncommon. So just focus on your breathing.

Remember, this is all a game!

Neither training nor triathlon contentions should harm your health! If there is even a slight threat or danger to you, it is better to cancel everything.