I enjoyed jumping in the final race of Lifetime Fitness series in Oceanside this past weekend. It was awesome to have such a high profile race so close to home and it was a great opportunity to utilize some post Kona fitness. Well … I was more “hoping” the fitness was still there. I hadn’t really done much training since Hawaii but I know in the past I seem to carry good form for a week or two after Ironman so it was worth a shot.

Much to the theme of this year my swim wasn’t in front group which meant I had to ride my way back into the race. I felt really strong on the bike and by the time I racked my Scott Plasma 5 I was in 3rd place having recorded the second fastest bike split.
The fatigue from Kona was still definitely in my legs on the run and the twisty, turny, up and down nature of the course wasn’t all that kind on tired legs but I stayed strong and was happy to finish a respectable 9th in a very strong short course field.

Life Time Tri Oceanside

Oct 26, 2014, Oceanside, Calif.

1.5k swim, 40k bike, 10k run



  1. Joe Maloy (USA) 1:45:48
  2. Hunter Kemper (USA) 1:46:05
  3. Cameron Dye (USA) 1:46:18
  4. Ben Collins (USA) 1:46:23
  5. Tommy Zaferes (USA) 1:46:50
  6. Eric Lagerstrom (USA) 1:47:33
  7. Javier Gomez (ESP) 1:47:57
  8. Jason Petersen (USA) 1:49:02
  9. Luke McKenzie (AUS) 1:49:45
  10. Davide Giardini (USA) 1:50:13

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