33-26 Ride Day 3

It was a foggy morning in Nowendoc for our departure on Day 3 of the 33-26 ride for Chariy: Water. Back on the Thunderbolts Way we continued to climb in the first few hours over the Great Dividing Range and into Walcha which we were all very happy to see the coffee shop. After morning tea we had our sights set on Armidale and it was a tough slog into the strong North Westerly wind across the plains to Urala and along the New England highway into Armidale Australia highest city. Fortunately the wind was in our favor as we set off after lunch as we tracked back east for our finish in the town of Ebor. It was our longest day so far at 215km, 2,838 meters of climbing and 7hr 56 minutes to get it done.

Keep flowing the journey and help us change live in Cambodia.

3326 RIDE for charity: water

Donate here: http://my.charitywater.org/3326postride

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