1382249_10200784922645156_220379708_nOn December 26th when many Australians will be sleeping off a big Christmas day and maybe even a slight hangover myself and eight mates are going to be setting off on a 1,300km, 6 day bike ride that we hope will make a huge difference to many lives of those less fortunate.

Why are we riding?

The 33-26 ride hopes to change the lives of 1,666 families in Cambodia. 33% of Cambodians dont have access to clean water! As athletes this is a resource we CAN NOT live without.

How can we make a difference?

$65 is all it takes! That is the cost to bring a family in Cambodia clean water. Cambodia is full of water: it’s abundant in shallow ponds and marshlands, but it isn’t safe to drink. The BioSand Filter is a simple, low-cost solution that cleans water quickly by using a biological process to take out 99% of the bacteria found in dirty water.

Today I am launching the charity: water, 33-26 ride, Go Luke trucker hat for Cambodia. For $33.26 (+$10 postage) you can get your very own “Go Luke” trucker that I wore at the Hawaii Ironman. All proceeds of sales of the trucker go to charity: water for Cambodia.

So far we have changed the lives of 216 families. With your help we will reach our goal of $100,000 and helping 1,666 families!

To order your Go Luke trucker and donate to this worth cause click the image below.

UPDATE: Unfortunately we have now sold out of all the hats, but you can support the ride and donate to clean water in Cambodia by going to