Life in Kona is Good

It’s hard to believe we have already been in Kona for a week! It’s now less than two weeks till race day and the town is starting to transform from it’s sleepy self to crazy tri mecca. After a bit of a rough patch in my racing and training in the past few weeks I have been really pleased to find my rhythm again. I have enjoyed doing some training with my long time sparring partner Craig Alexander which has become an annual routine for both of us each September.


Since I have been in Hawaii it’s evident that maybe I need to give everyone a little insight into what has been a crazy year. Amanda and I never made a formal announcement when we split in March but in the past few days here I have been running into a lot of people that didn’t hear the news. Amanda and I were together for seven amazing years and married for a little over two but unfortunately we separated during a tough time in both of our lives. We are still very much in contact with each other and happy in our respective lives after a rough beginning to the year. March and April were a real low point trying to establish life without Amanda but by applying my energy into my training and racing I came through it and ultimately won Ironman Cairns. It was only fitting that Amanda was there on the side of the road with 500m to go to give me a big high five. At the end of the day we still have a great friendship.

Hawaii will always be a very memorable place for us having spent a lot of time here and of course we married here in 2010. The community here has always known us together and over the last few days I have had to give them the sad news we have both moved on. Amanda is enjoying living in Sydney again and I am happy to call San Diego home these days. It’s a big change from living part time in Australia and part time in the USA but a move I have always wanted to make. It’s lead me to a new outlook and a refreshing start to the next chapter of life. There might even be a new love interest in my life 🙂

So here we are back in Kona and ready to take on the 2013 Ironman World Championships. I am excited to have my parents here already and they have been amazing with helping me prepare for the race. Next week my sister Jacque and Aunty Julie arrive to add to the cheer squad. I wake up every morning feeling blessed to be back in Hawaii here with my health, my family and friends whether they are here on the island or supporting from afar across the ocean.


The road to Hawi (the Northern end of the Hawaii Ironman bike course) as our plane descends into the Big Island.


The new coffee shop in town is a must visit! Daylight Mind Coffee Company. Best coffee on the island and a spectacular location!


I love riding my bike out here.